"Republicans got smacked in the mouth this last election cycle, losing the Presidency and the Senate while allowing Dems to maintain control of the house. It seems like the left is set up for success for years to come."

I laughed so hard reading this, I nearly had coffee coming out of my nose. Nice case of revisionist history there.

If you care to be honest, the republicans were expected (according to all the media experts) to lose a huge number of house seats, and possibly the senate. Instead, they actually GAINED an unprecedented number of seats and actually did better in the senate than many expected.

The democrats are the ones in total disarray and are now looking at being banished to the political woodshed for a decade or better. Hence the "all hands on deck" push to kill the filibuster so they can ram thru their vastly unpopular programs before the midterm wrecking ball ruins their chance.

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